Andrea Anderson

Andrea Anderson Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

Cindy Quandt-Guerra’s creative talents and storytelling in capturing and visually translating our organizational mission, work and messaging was exceptional.

Cindy’s work definitely pulled at the heart strings and no doubt helped us in meeting our fundraising goals for the event.

On a professional note, I have received such great feedback from my marketing and communications colleagues about how wonderful the video was and I have already given CQG Creative’s name to a couple of them. They know I have a high standard of excellence, so kudos to me for finding such a great company to work with.

Pam Laverty

Pam Laverty The Salvation Army

The quality and compelling stories Cindy Quandt-Guerra created for our development team to share with our donors truly impacted our fundraising efforts. Perhaps more importantly, the stories enriched and increased our donors’ understanding and strengthened their heart connection to The Salvation Army’s programs and ministries.It is evident CQG Creative understands the value of our programs and the impact they have on the many men, women and children we serve. You have a unique gift to translate through your media life-changing testimonials.

Let’s get started!

Bob Hillen

Bob Hillen Hulcher Services, Inc.

It is rare that you get exactly what you were promised from the beginning. CQG Creative exceeded my expectations during the entire development of the Hulcher Legacy video. Cindy’s team examined our video requirements and storyline ideas and then developed a systematic plan to complete the video.Telling the complete history of a company in 30 minutes is challenging, but her unique ideas and writing and producing expertise added tremendous depth and clarity to the Hulcher story.
Nicole Stickane

Nicole Stickane FLOSS Dental

Working with the CQG Creative team was an overall great experience.  They were very professional, delivered everything on time, and were a great deal of fun!
Laura Armbruster

Laura Armbruster Kick It Marketing

My client was in need of a training video that not only imparted excellent knowledge, but also was in keeping with the strong brand they are building. CQG Creative had no trouble embracing the rigors of this project. The result? A very happy client with two excellent well branded videos.When working with Cindy and CQG Creative you are certain to receive:

  • Professionals of high integrity
  • Consistently met deadlines
  • Excellent creativity
  • Solid end products
Stan Melton, Jr.

Stan Melton, Jr. |BROWN BAG| creative

At the heart of what CQG Creative brings to the table is a creative flair they sprinkle generously throughout the whole process, from the first meeting to final delivery, to the follow-up. Their work is unequaled, and is sure to be well above and beyond what you expect!Their work ethic is both commendable and infectious. When you talk to CQG Creative you can tell instantly that they’ve been doing this a long time, and you get a feeling it’s going to be a lot of fun working with them. Trust me…trust your feelings!

Bailey Starnes

Bailey Starnes Dallas Challenge

It is unusual for your end result on a project to turn out better than you initially envisioned. CQG Creative understood the vision and mission of our promotional video, and they were very quick to see the importance of this video in our agency’s marketing efforts. We gave them a lot of creative freedom, because it was clear that their ideas and edits would match up with our goals for the project.

Rhonda Rakow

Rhonda Rakow ChildCareGroup

Cindy has always taken the time to meet with us and get a firm understanding of our goals and message for each project. She approaches each project as a partnership. She involves us in each step of the process to ensure she is on target and to allow for input where needed.CQG Creative makes sure that not only is practical content conveyed through videos and script, but the true message, emotion, and feelings are conveyed as well. Whether it is presenting text, pictures, or video, the end product is geared to capture the attention of the intended audience. She ensures quality in every detail.