Your Organization’s Story: Dallas Challenge

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Dallas Challenge presented CQG Creative with a budget challenge for its fundraising event video.  To work within those limits, CQG Creative used just two crew members (Videographer & Director) and kept the shooting to one day with just two locations giving Dallas Challenge the most bang for their buck.  The pre-production work load was handled by Dallas Challenge under the guidance of CQG Creative, which is a big part of a production...

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Grace Chronicles: Caroline’s Story

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Personal.  Emotional.  Journey.  Inspiring. For Caroline the story is personal.  It is emotional.  A journey of hardship and despair.  Then Grace is extended through a hand up, not a hand out, and the story suddenly has hope.  There may not yet be an ending to the story but the Grace given and the hope received inspires stakeholders to want to support your efforts in changing the direction of the life storylines of those you serve. Grace...

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Your Organization’s Story: Dallas Habitat for Humanity

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  The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity needed a powerful fundraising video to move the hearts of potential donors to action.  Their Benevon breakfast event incorporated a highly strategic and structured program that included live testimonials of beneficiaries of Habitat.  Along with the live testimonials, this video was the emotional appeal of the event, which provided the one-two punch that made this fundraising event successful by...

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