I am a seeker of the master Creator. I have been created to create. To lift the veil so you can momentarily step into the thin place of the divine.

Cindy Quandt-Guerra



Cindy Quandt-Guerra is a texture artist in Dallas, Texas specializing in abstract landscape and mixed media. She is also a writer and has recently jumped into the wonder of ink and watercolor. Her love of nature’s textures and layers has launched a journey of exploration in acrylic ink and paint, watercolor, handmade paper, found objects, and fabric.

Favorite tools include palette knives, sponges, sticks/branches, and sometimes brushes. Cindy is inspired by the texture in Conrad Jon Godly’s paintings and influenced by the loose approach of painters Chris Bushe and Matthew Snowden.

She is an avid follower of mixed media artist Roxanne Evans Stout. Through her art, Cindy searches to express the wonder of the eternal, a lifting of the veil and momentarily stepping into a thin place of the divine.