My thoughts, musings and wondrous discoveries are presented here.

Studies, sketchbooks, works in progress, and finished pieces below.



My Why

Creativity has always been woven into the fabric of my being.  I loved all kinds of art growing up- music, theater, needlepoint, crocheting, collaging, painting, drawing, and even writing and illustrating a comic book in middle school English class. In university I obtained a BA in Radio, TV, and Film and went on to write,…


In the Beginning

In the beginning of this season of experimenting and exploring what kind of art I wanted to create, I played with acrylic pours.  I found some artists on YouTube whose art intrigued me and I started to follow their channels.  There certainly is an art to coming up with the right color palette, right amount…



I am only just a few years down the path of my art journey still discovering what I like, what sparks my imagination, and what produces that sense of wonder within. I am constantly in search of that feeling of wonder. What is it?  From where does it come?  It’s that sense of having tapped…